We take care of delivery of the product at the required place at the highest standards.

International transport of liquid food products

The company Intergem d.o.o. and its partner company VARGA ZSOLT D.O.O. offer you transports of food liquids, mainly raw caw milk, wine, oil, and other food extracts. Our motto is the following: “Carefulness, punctuality, and excellent service for our customers at high hygienic standards.”

In the countries, where we cooperate with our partners, we have an active office with professional expert in the field of logistics, who is always available to our customers in a language used in the subject country.

The progress of the modern technology and the highest expectations of our customers began to be followed at the very beginning of the business operation a few decades ago.

Modern fleet of vehicles and trailers with three-core insulated tanks are equipped with BLK pumps or compressors with the possibility of air pressure, which is very important in loading or unloading of the cargo from the hygienic perspective. Delivery of goods to the customer’s company under the “just-in-time” system is an advantage that is easily realized in an exceptionally big fleet of vehicles.

Accurate choice of co-workers, namely drivers, is a primarily task of our company that is reflected in a large number of satisfied customers. Goods vehicle drivers of such demanding cargo as human foodstuff is, must, according to minimal standards of the company, provide the following values: cleanliness, carefulness, punctuality, and devotion to the company.

The most important food processors in Europe trust us:

Parmalat (IT)

Lactalis (FR)

Milsy Bánovce (SK)

Food and Dairy s.r.o Bratislava (SK)

San Gabriell S.p.A. Trebaseleghe (IT)

Prolactal GmbH Hartberg (AT)

Molkerei MEGGLE Wasserburg GmbH (D)

Bodegas Torres Wines (S)

Transport of quality foodstuff is one of the key advantages of the modern time. Every day, customers from various parts of the world consume the best products in their diet due to the efficient logistics.

Following standards for work in food industry, such as HACCP, is a minimum conditions that is consistently complied with in the business operation of our company.

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transport of liquid food products
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